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Alpha 1 limitations

This is a demo of an AI agent learning to use APIs through self-reflection.

For now it is extremely limited in capabilities and will likely fail on most requests but you may enjoy seeing the agent's thought process!

Here are some additional limitations:

  • It can only APIs that do not require an API key unless you provide them
  • Each run is entirely independent and no learnings are currently transferred

We have solutions to all of the above issues and are actively working to release them to the public.

We default to selecting GPT-4 as the model, this generally provides better results. If you do not have GPT-4 access then you can use ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) which is cheaper and faster.

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Example prompts

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What is the current bitcoin price?

What’s the weather like in London this evening?

Simulate the time taken for a ball to fall from the Eiffel Tower

What is the current dividend yield of Coca-Cola?

Whats the price of the dog coin?